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Welcome to the EPC website

Hello, no doubt you have either been trawling the web to find what you hope is a good medium or you have heard of the English Psychic Company and are checking us out. either way you're very welcome.

 I am Susan Pengelly, founder of the English Psychic Company and I'm a Clairvoyant, clairaudient medium. In very plain terms this means I can see and hear spirit people if they want me to.

Over the years I have encountered a number of people who have felt let down, hurt and disillusioned in their search for contact with people they love or help with problems that seem insurmountable to them…too many people searching and not getting satisfactory answers. I don't profess to have all the answers either but what I can do is give information that makes sense, is detailed and isn't filling your head with platitudes, half baked ego driven nonsense or scary stuff.

If your nan knows you sold her ring or your dad wants you to know he knows you planted the cherry tree in his memory but it died because you forgot to water it they're going to tell you. In my experience, all thirty five years of it, people who have passed from this life know everything you have done or not done in their memory. This can be alarming if you've sold your nans ring but can also be tremendously comforting when she tells you that was alright because she never liked it anyway and at least you were able to pay the gas bill.

People don't change because they've died, they don't suddenly become saintly, if you come for a reading and your brother decides to pop in and he swore like a trooper in life, he will still do that. If your mum was not a loving parent to you in life she may want to explain why and apologise because here's the rub, when people have been awful to us pass over, they get to see what affect their words and actions had on us. That can be a comforting thought and if nothing else it makes us a little more careful what we say to others still here.

What does bug me is when those less well informed start churing out the line 'if these people can pass on information why don't they tell us how to make the world a better place instead of talking about the 20 left in grandads coat pocket'

To grandad you were his world. He wasn't interested in nuclear fusion when he was alive so he certainly isn't now but he was as tight as a tick and didn't want you to give his coat to the charity shop with 20 in the pocket.

My aim in forming The English Psychic Company was, and is, to provide excellent Clairvoyant, guidance and comfort that means something to you that proves to you that you are still loved and being helped. Whether that is in a personal sense or a business capacity. So if you are looking for Clairvoyance that gets to the nub of the problem, if you want comfort in knowing those you love are around, if you want clarity with a decision you're facing or just feel a bit lost then I will do my best. Always my best because I consider this ability to be a privilege and I take both the responsibility and morality very seriously.


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